Berta maris is a non-profit association devoted to the conservation and protection of island biodiversity  

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Our mission is to raise public awareness towards the appreciation of nature, wildlife conservation and environmental protection, with particular reference to island biodiversity, through scientific research and its efficient dissemination. 

Currently, our mission is mainly addressed to Scopoli’s shearwaters (Calonectris diomedea) nesting on Linosa and Lampione, however the attention of the association is addressed to all the other animal and plant species that make up the biodiversity on these two islands and all the other Mediterranean islands.


Our activities are mainly addressed to monitoring and protecting the Scopoli’s shearwaters nesting on Linosa, and include the collection of biometric data and those related to their reproductive success, as well as to studying theirbehavioural ecology through the use of GPSs, accelerometers, GLS.

Moreover, we try to limit the number of non-native mammals on the island that represents a threat for the shearwaters’ survival and also for other migratory birds.

For what concerns free-roaming cats, we monitor the population through census and carry out regular sterilisation sessions, recently in collaboration with Action Project Animal (APA) and the Dr Paolo Santanera 

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Islands where we work
Scopoli's shearwaters ringed
Domestic cats neutered
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About us

We are biologists and naturalists with a passion for insular biodiversity, and from year to year, students and volunteers collaborate with us. 


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